School campus map & guide for Peddie School

Our brief

Peddie School, an independent private school in New Jersey, wanted to produce a promotional brochure to give to prospective students which really portrayed the fun side of the school. They had their own illustrative map of the campus that they wanted to make a feature of in addition to information on their varied student activities.


We decided to adapt our PopOut with booklet format to a larger size so the map would really jump out as a key feature of the product. The 12-page booklet had plenty of room for full colour photos and illustrations on the many student activities on offer at Peddie School.

Format used

Single PopOut with booklet format includes:

  • Front & back covers
  • 2 inside facing covers
  • 1 inside cover
  • 1 booklet – typically 8-40 pages
  • 1 PopOut

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Special features

Special finishes
2 or more colours on reverse of map
Pantone colours
Matt laminate
Gloss laminate
Vinyl or card pocket
Loop stitch for lanyard
Glue dot for card insert
Customized materials
Die-cut for business card
Perforated booklet pages
Alternative paper stock
Printing effects
Foil blocking
Spot UV varnish


Our larger sized PopOut proved the best way to convey all the advantages of attending the Peddie School in a fun, alternative in-hand promotional piece that prospective students could really respond to instead of a conventional 2D brochure.