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Introducing our international range of travel city guides that combine destination expertise with the unique, easy-folding PopOut map format.

This innovative product comprises:

  • 2 PopOut maps with extensive coverage of the greater and central/downtown city areas
  • 2-3 additional cover maps including a transit map
  • 2 of our favourite itineraries to help travellers explore and savour the best these cities have to offer, ideal for anyone short on time
  • A comprehensively illustrated 64-page travel guide
  • Fully cross-referenced for instant, effortless navigation between map and guide, making this the easiest guidebook you’ll ever use!

The inspiring text covers all the city sights, shopping, entertainment, food & drink, practical information and where to stay.

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see it – the best places to see from museums & cathedrals to markets, monuments and much more;

buy it – pinpoints the key shopping areas and stores to target;

watch it – places to be entertained: shows, theatres, music venues, ballet, comedy, cinema and nightlife;

taste it – from ethnic cuisine to local fare to the top places for an evening cocktail; all the best places to eat and drink;

know it – all the practical information you need to get the best out of your trip;

directory – hotel listings, additional places to visit, annual events and useful websites;

speak it – useful local words and phrases to help you out on your visit

The durable hardback cover, with its stylish silver design, is more mobile than your mobile and fits neatly in your pocket, ready and waiting when you need it most.

The InsideOut City Guide is designed to travel!

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